More Aggressive Hold Em Doesn’t Work And What You Can Do About It

Gambling Hand Holding Poker Cards and Money Coins Chips

Have you been told or do you think that loosening up and just playing more aggressive is going to be the answer to your problems? Well, sorry to say but this is the one of the worst things you can do. Read this article to learn what you can do about it.

Poker players all around the world including very professional and top elite poker player advise time and time again that a loose aggressive strategy is the most dominant and profitable strategy you can utilize playing poker. Now this is very true however there is some key specific pieces of information that are often left off these conversations.

The first of this is that a loose aggressive strategy requires a massive skill set and expertise in all of the areas of Hold Em. Poker professionals and elite players have this stuff down pack and have practice it so much that it is instant and automatic to them in their brain. However, for newer or intermediate poker players this is not an automatic process and this can cost difficulties in implementing this strategy.

The second critical thing that is often left out is that the looser and more aggressive strategies are often more effective only at the more advance levels of play. Because these are the levels of play that the professional and elite poker players are playing at their profitability is going through the roof. However, for new or intermediate poker players that are playing at beginner and intermediate levels stakes and sit N go’s etc. the profitability of these styles of strategy is not as good.

The main factor that is causing this is because playing a looser and more aggressive strategy relies on your opponents folding and your opponents only fold when they have sufficient information that they are willing to fold their hand based on that information.

Players at advanced levels have the ability to guess hands, see flops coming and to perform advance odds calculation. They are willing to and trust themselves enough to actually fold on a hand when they don’t have a good feeling.

However, new poker players and intermediate poker players don’t have these skills. They don’t know when should be folding they don’t know what the opponents have and they don’t know or calculate everything well enough to be in comfort enough to fold based on their feeling or their knowledge.

For this reason the new players generally don’t fold and that is why some people who are implementing looser strategies are finding that they are getting beaten by calling stations that are getting lucky on the turn or river.

Then they all complain that all the other poker players are lucky getting suck outs and they are receiving bad beats. But really it’s a fundamental issue with the way they implementing their strategy. Playing looser and more aggressive don’t necessarily just work so you need to make sure you aren’t losing because of this.